The How & Why

Made by Women. Owned by Women.

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GLISSANT ​intimate lubricants were created and design​ed for the woman ​who knows what she wants.   

As a physician at Cedars-Sinai specializing in female pelvic medicine, Dr. Eilber often heard her patients tell her that they avoided sexual activity because of pain due to vaginal dryness. They wanted a lubricant that was natural and without hormones or harsh chemicals, but there was nothing she could recommend. She felt strongly that all women deserve to enjoy intimacy without fear of pain and that she could actually do something to help them.

Capitalizing on Dr. Eilber’s experience as a physician and surgeon caring for women with pelvic floor disorders and Renee’s 25+ years of formulating beauty products using natural oils and extracts, GLISSANT lubricants were born. 

Their hope is to elevate your intimate experiences, and that you will want to...LOVE. REPLENISH. REPEAT. TM

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