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What Happens Next: Down-There Changes for Moms

Happy Mother's Day! How wonderful it is to celebrate motherhood. But do you remember how tough it was to get here??? Pregnancy and delivery are phenomenal experiences, but there are some questions that usually go unanswered during any prenatal classes: what happens down there after I have a baby? when will I feel normal again? will sex be the same? Although almost every woman has these questions, no one seems to address them.

Being a mother is amazing...but is what happened to my body after having a baby normal?

Before I tell you some of the things that can happen as the result of having a baby the "natural" way, I have to disclose that I had elective Cesarean sections mainly because of what I do for a living---I treat women with pelvic floor disorders such as incontinence and prolapse (falling pelvic organs) with the biggest risk factor for these conditions being vaginal delivery. Now before you go judging me, I am not encouraging women to have C-sections, but what I am encouraging is for women to be informed. In my experience, when women learn that their loss of bladder control or falling bladder is because of vaginal delivery, her reaction isn't "I wish I would have had a C-section." Instead, her reaction is usually "Well, I wish someone would have told me this could happen."

The honest truth is no woman is exactly the same as before she has a vaginal delivery---can you shove a tennis ball through your nose and expect it to ever be the same? I think you get my point. The good news is most women go back to being close to normal. As far as how long that will take depends on a variety of factors including the woman's age, pre-pregnancy health, size of the baby, how the baby was delivered, etc. I have seen some women bounce back within a few weeks while some women take up to a year. And if a woman's new normal isn't acceptable to her, there are ways to fix most everything (yes, that is what some people refer to as vaginal rejuvenation).

Intimacy after Having a Baby

As for intimacy, that also isn't usually the same, but it can actually be better because you learn what your body is capable of. I mean, what is cooler than growing another human in your belly? Unfortunately intimacy is often nonexistent for a while because of sleep deprivation (hard to get in the mood when you haven't slept more than three hours straight for a year) and fear of children walking into your room at inopportune times (also a barrier to getting in the mood), but eventually you will discover that having had a baby gives you a new confidence that allows you to enjoy your new body and new GLISSANT.


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