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US Women: Shifting from the Nice List to the Naughty List.


It's not that you don't appreciate gifts your friends and family give you, but when's the last time you got something that you were REALLY excited about? Or that actually got you excited? You can keep on waiting for someone to give you a gift that makes you want to "Come all ye faithful", or you can make your own Christmas miracle -- gift yourself something that will make you want to be on the naughty list.

Let's face it, with all the time and effort spent making holidays special for those around you, getting sexy and using the last little bit of energy you have on being someone else's stocking to stuff doesn't sound all that appealing. Realistically, another holiday will pass with the most excitement being watching a champagne cork pop unless you make an effort. (Yes, I am aware that women are generally the ones making all the effort as I too have two X chromosomes. My girlfriend told me that the Y chromosome is a defective X which explains a lot, but I digress.)

Why can't we get in the sexy holiday spirit? A few reasons and solutions:

  1. Did you know that up to 75% of women experience pain with intercourse at some point in her life, and for many of these women it's because of vaginal dryness? If you're already exhausted because of holiday demands, going to sleep instead of doing something that hurts seems like a no brainer. But the holiday season is a time to BELIEVE you can have enjoyable sex. If you're dry, don't be shy and pull out the lube. GLISSANT lubes come in chic, discreet packaging so you can keep it on your nightstand without your kids knowing what it is. If pain is the main issue, I recommend our CBD & CBG Huile d'Amour. If you just need extra lubrication and prefer a water-based lube, then try the Sea Salt & Caramel Intimate Lubricant.

  2. Pain with intercourse can also be due to increased muscle tone which can be aggravated by stress. Plan a pre-holiday party for yourself starting with a relaxing bath. I suggest GLISSANT CBD & CBG Sels et Huiles de Bain that as one person put it "made her body feel high when she got out of the tub." (Clarification: you can't really get high from CBD, it's just a figure of speech). Add a glass of wine or egg nog (or two), and then go back to the advice in #1 and get lubed.

  3. Exhaustion is a libido killer. Don't feel bad about buying a dessert rather than making it from scratch, and take advantage of all the on-line shopping you can do. While you're at it, order yourself some lingerie--feeling sexy almost always puts you in the mood. Just imagine yourself in your hot lingerie reaching for the GLISSANT lube on your nightstand...

So just like the Christmas tree doesn't decorate itself and the holiday parties don't plan themselves either, you can't get on the naughty list without some effort...but the holidays and getting in the mood are worth the effort.


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