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WHY CAN'T I GET IN THE MOOD?: How Personal Lubricant Can Help Get You in the Mood

That's a good question that deserves a good answer.

It would be nice if dinner and a glass of wine was all it took to get us in the mood? It's no secret a woman's libido is complicated, and it gets even more complicated with age: hormonal changes, pain with intercourse because of vaginal dryness, kids, relationship issues, a.k.a. LIFE. Certain things aren't easily changed like getting rid of your kids or having a perfect relationship all the time, but decreased libido because of hormonal changes and associated pain with sexual activity because of vaginal dryness can be.

Sex after menopause

Although women tend to have higher libido before menopause, it's not just estrogen that gives us our sex drive. Both men and women need testosterone for a healthy libido (yes, even women need testosterone). Although testosterone can improve libido for men and women, the other effects of testosterone such as increased muscle mass and facial hair are generally not desirable for women. For this reason, some women prefer to take the supplement DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) that is a precursor to testosterone.

What can cause a decreased libido?

Medications are another common cause of decreased libido. Certain antidepressants, antipsychotics, anti-seizure medications, birth control pills, and narcotics have the potential of affecting your libido. If you suspect a medication is keeping you from getting in the mood, you should look up the potential side effect of decreased libido or sexual dysfunction if you relate your inability to get in the mood to the time you started a new medication or even changed the dose of a medication you were already on. Ideally your health care provider can suggest an alternative medication.

For pain with intercourse because of vaginal dryness, oral or vaginal estrogen is usually effective. But for women who don't want to take hormones, GLISSANT vaginal lubricants are a great alternative.

Dr. Karyn Eilber MD is a physician in Beverly Hills with over 20 years of experience in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery.


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