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GLISSANT is perfect for customers seeking new and natural intimate essentials. Conceived by a visionary beauty entrepreneur and a celebrity doctor, our brand is the latest brainchild of Renee Garacochea, who launched the pet care revolution with FAUNA and her tea tree shampoo that “gave beauty a facelift,” according to Vogue Magazine.


The Intimate Essential Collection represents everyone’s collective complexity as it relates to intimacy and health. 

Customers are looking to your salon or beauty boutique as an intimate beauty destination for their beauty everything.  Intimate care is an essential part of our story, and in recent years Dr. Karyn Eilber became aware of the toxins in most lubricants and wanted to create cleaner intimate products for women. GLISSANT products allow you to offer a luxurious and trendsetting beauty product that can be used for providing a service and/or as an add-on purchase.

The innovative, CBD & CBG huile d'amour and the FDA-cleared, crave-worthy sea salt & caramel intimate lubricant are engineered with the highest quality PURE ingredients. After you have had a chance to explore the website and are interested in GLISSANT products, please contact us. 


Call and chat with someone on our customer support team. 

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