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My Ideal Mother's Day: Time to Treat Yourself with GLISSANT

Just being me...


I'll admit it, after 18 Mother's Day brunches as a mom, I'm (more than) a little over it. My ideal Mother's Day when I was a new mom was simply being recognized as a mom. Fast forward to being the mom of a legal adult, and now my ideal Mother's Day is anyone in my household other than me (doesn't need to be one of my children) tending to the cooking and cleaning so that I can do what I love: getting to be me again. Don't get me wrong, being a mother has been the greatest experience of my life, but I think most women lose their own identity a bit whether she is a mom or she has dedicated her life to someone or something else.

Now that my children are older, I have more time to be me. So on Mother's Day I plan to sleep in (which means past 6 am), do yoga (thank you Hot 8 for your online classes), have brunch that someone hopefully makes for me (it's a shame that my kids and husband probably don't read this), finish binge watching Ozark, do a little blogging, then use my products with my significant other...there was definitely a ulterior motive creating women's intimate care products.

How will you do you on Mother's Day??? I recommend you treat yourself with GLISSANT.


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